Fixed method_latch for digital input modules (was excluded)

Fixed mutual exclusion of method_linmax and multireads

Added push-intervals report for continuous kilns with push-start PV

Added detailed logic info for event output trace display

Fixed runlogic handling of virtual events (now same as all events)

Added "midnight" button to trendtime select dialog

Fixed infinite-impulse smoothing and increased pastfrac to .85

Fixed cartrack plots (long slow-push cartracks were not completed)


Added driver for Siemens BW500 massflow totalizer

Added driver for Dwyer flowmeters (pulse-counting)

Added Makeline group type, with setup dialog

Fixed cartrack plot no-data error

Fixed PV conflict and IO_map reports for A-B PowerFlex devices

Fixed Adobe pdf viewer (wrong classname), to block hiding of child window

Added Yokogawa UT150 driver

Added "Scan-Disabled" status display for runclocks and plot panels

Added Opto22 AD15T module (28-140VAC)

Added (Modbus) driver for Partlow 1161+ limit controller


Added code to configure Opto output modules before watchdog setup (which may happen before outputs are written to)

Added CancelIO() to reset file i/o on read failure


Switched to Intel v11.0.074 compiler; version not released


Added driver for Powers mdl 535 loop controllers

Fixed alarm email (threadproc was not reset after sending emails)

Added ramp-report for periodic kilns


Fixed pulser-edit dialog (did not delete pulsed burner)

Winsock master-enable and timeout now user-specified

Excel export data now uses user-specified x-increment

Added missed-reads counts diagnostic display mode

Fixed parsing error for Yoko UP/UT37 series

Added stats to trend values printout

Added host NIC adapter info display (ip, gateway, mac addr)

Added watchdog-timer function for Optomux digital outputs; the watchdog attribute is set automatically for flash events

Fixed PV-edit dialog (PV list not updated when new PV added)

Fixed ior-logic for multi-input events

Added UT350HC controller with separate heat/cool outputs

Periodic-kiln run-only alarms disabled while events are killed when run is stopped from the stop-run dialog; this prevents contention between the alarm logic and kill-events flagging


Added driver for Honeywell HC900

restored preload database search function

Added groupwise selection for main PV selection dialog

Added/updated Yokogawa UP550 driver (different registers)

Added pull-mode load-sequence linking for continuous kilns, so that a kiln with an ef-group will pull a car from that group on its own push-start; the ef-group must not have a push-start

Added dynamic slope report for temperature-plot zoom window

Added use-target attribute for referenced PVs

Added minuend and subtrahend values to difference-PV tooltips

Fixed re-assignment of load-sequence firing-curve group

Fixed omission of add-info plot option for periodic plots

Fixed MAPI email output

Fixed periodic firing curve edit dialog (did not read flags)

Fixed error in creating new data groups

modified Yoko UT350 driver for SP.NO=0 and SP.NO=1 remote setpoint assignments (different write-to registers)


Fixed problem with multiple flash events

Fixed omission of "add info" menu option for cartrack plots

Added event type to reset continuous flashing, with injection of special wait time

Fixed problem with multiread PV results not being propagated to other PVs with shared hardware, including push-starts

Modified override arguments to improve threadsafe behavior

Added groupwise selection for PV io-map dialog, and signaltype


Fixed time-entry controls to always show time format, which was occasionally reset to date format by the dialog editor

Fixed pre-start runclock countdown display for periodic kilns

Added bitmap and bit-from-bitmap datatypes

Fixed A-B Logix5000 driver handling of REAL arguments

Fixed firing curve plotting error with car-position x-scaling

Events can now be linked to override values of any overrideable PV except other events; formerly only loop outputs were allowed

Fixed database recording for virtual events

Added periodic kiln utilization off-interval histogram plot

Continuous kiln car info can be selected by searching other kilns (ie, dryers) for a specific car number


Added special setup dialog via commandline argument

pulser activity now gated by whether the serial port is disabled

Added specifiable tag colors for continuous-kiln car displays

Event output PVs are now written using a bitmask to combine similar outputs on the same board, to improve throughput

Added "pulser phase map" display mode to show each pulser in a color linked to its firing phase

Added load-sequence attribute for tunnel kilns, to enable automatic transitions from one group to another


Fixed Yokogawa/modbus rollover correction (added savemult)

Added tag info for each pulsed burner, in separate .pbt file to preserve compatibility with earlier versions

Added flag to disable scanning for PV device addresses 0,0


Periodics which are simple (1 loop only, no events) can now have firing curves propagated to all such kilns following an edit

Added datafile notification to fastsave output

re-implemented dynamic smoothing

single PV being commtraced is excluded from multi-reads

modified PV-delete procedure to also delete associated alarms, and all display panels for the deleted PV

modified group-delete procedure to also delete all associated PVs and all display panels for the deleted group


Added selection for continuous kiln profile plots vs abs. x location, car-position, or roll-location for roller-hearths

Added email notification for alarms

Copy-pv function now also copies the pv comments

Fixed io_map report to include all PVs; had formerly excluded PVs from inactive groups

The selected display group tab now shows the screen background color for improved highlight readability

Analog output-remapped PVs are now written using a bitmask to combine similar outputs on the same board, to improve throughput

Added (Modbus) driver for Allen-Bradley PowerFlex-40 VFD drives

Opto/Dutec analog input PVs are now read using a bitmask for similar inputs on the same board, to improve throughput

Override of mapped analog outputs now includes "apply to all" option for all analog outputs mapped from that loop controller

Logic tag enabled for all PVs, not just A-B Logix5000, and added to io-map report

Added option to group-setup dialog to reset all firing curves to match the clear-overrides-at-startup group default


Added option to (re)synch screens between client and host

Added Periodic Kilns Utilization (uptime) Report

Fixed future flash-end (items were not being read from dialog)

mirroring selection now requires non-null mirrorpath

Fixed carlist report printout (had been disabled)

Added output-remap-interval to space remapping of analog outputs linked to loop-output PVs, to prevent excessive activity; the default value for this is set at 20 seconds

Added header info to commtrace file output

extended verbose-mode commtrace info for A-B DH/DH+ devices

Fixed Eurotherm EI-Bisynch parsing error (simplified response code)


Renamed soak-status report to periodic status, now includes start and stop times, and car contents

Added car exit time to kiln contents report

Fixed pulse-frequency timebase computation

Added Gems flowmeters, 3 models with linearization

Added rollover-correction for 16-bit values read from Yokogawa controllers with ethernet Modbus protocol

Added "clear flash status" checkbox to startup dialog to force clearing of initial flash status for all groups


Revised flash dialog to include wait-for-start-car

Fixed Eurotherm EI-Bisynch parsing error

Added modbus driver for Eurotherm 2000 series

Removed "delaytime voids output" error msg

Changed fc edits so that file extensions are module-local (fixes confusion between firing curve and segment-table files)


Added "View PDF" menu option to open Adobe window in \docs

mutex released during communications delays, to avoid serializing the program

re-enabled minimum pulse length, also intermittent push mode

pulses/sec pv type readings are now normalized to the actual measurement interval

Fixed RedLion driver


Added CIP driver for Allen-Bradley Ethernet/IP Logix5000 PLCs

Added Logic Tag for Logix5000 PV configuration

Added Modbus driver for Yokogawa, Honeywell

Enabled file output for PV-upload trace

Added driver-type PV attribute

Fixed threadsafe comm. errors (ProcIdle flag); added mutex

Added driver for Contrex ML-Trim motor controllers

Added driver for Red Lion T48/P48 loop controllers

Multiple program invocations are now blocked

Added momentary-ON event switch

Phase-force pulser flag moved to a dynamic array, to avoid potential upsets in phase identity

Fixed pv-tracking event logic

Added "fast save" option for saving PV values to a text file at the actual read rate

clear-overrides defaults to NO for periodic run resume event override setting from dialog propagated to all events sharing the same hardware

Added no-automatic-resume option for periodic runs

Added "-A" commandline flag for automatic restarts


Fixed PV setup dialog so that holdrun events must have a target group

periodic-group firing-curve edit dialog has new checkbox actions at start/stop of run, including start/stop associated drum sequencer, and clear overrides and events; this replaces the start-sequencer event attribute, which is now defunct.  The former group attribute “clear overrides at start of run” is now an option of each firing curve, and existing firing curves intended to have these features need to be edited before running to verify that these features are now correctly selected as attributes of the firing curve:


The start/stop sequencer checkboxes only appear when a periodic kiln has an associated sequencer, selected in the group’s setup dialog,



adjusted cj compensation for type-K thermocouples (fixed minor error in v5.040)

Added logfile message following files-backup

Fixed tracking of scan-enable flag following PV editing

Added type-T thermocouple data method

Fixed override-dialog API error (pulser object was referenced in PV override dialog setup)

Fixed eventswitch logic to always remove override when center portion of switch is clicked on

Added writing of SP2 for Yokogawa UT550 (for input switching)

load-car dialog clears carnumber field for new cars

Added clear-info button to load-car dialog


Added "bridge repeats" event attribute for repeated periodic runs

Added %output_offset attribute for pulsers

Buttons for selecting 0% and 100% added to override-loop-output dialog

Fixed run-plot infotext display (did not handle multiple lines of text correctly)

Override dialog added to pulser context menu; pulser overrides are now persistent

Fixed persistence of pulser overrides from pulser-test dialog

Added system-setup option to show heatwork as part of info display on cartrack/run plots

PV value resolution can now be extended to 0.0001


Added link between periodic kiln and drum sequencer, so that sequencer can be stopped when kiln run is stopped

improved continuous-kiln setpoint edit dialog

new heatwork calculations (time-above-temperature thresholds) for cartrack and periodic profile plots


cj compensation changed from linear to cubic polynomial fit for increased; accuracy over an extended range of cold-junction temperatures

push-start logic filtering applied to push-start PV trend plots

Added "positive values only" PV attribute, for flows and pressures

Added button to create continuous-kiln firing curves from current PV values


local root path now read back from opsys, eliminating dependence on c:\kt2000 as fixed location for program directory tree

Fixed tracemode error introduced in 5.038 (did not reset PING flag for single-pv trace)

Added portwise tables for pv-counts and pb-counts to tighten loops by skipping ports with no inputs; active counts now displayed as port status tooltips

Fixed activity balancing (pulsers, uploads, reads) for kilns with pulsed burners

Periodic runtime calculation clipped to (0, 105) hours for runclock display

Periodic runclock shown in overridecolor (bright pink) for runs on hold

Fixed setpoint ramping for roller-hearth kilns

Fixed pv setpoint displays for groups with no setpoint file loaded

Flow PV measurement readings are now clipped at zero (built-in underrange capability

For null sensor signals produced negative flow values, which are unphysical)

Added dialog to allow forcing new PV index (for merging systems)

External graphics-editor program is now user specifiable (path and program)

Alarms can now be set on virtual event PVs

Fixed problem with periodic firing curve files where event linkages to segment tables were not being saved

Fixed PV attributes dialog so time-descaling can only be applied to Flow type PVs, and defaults to "none" otherwise

PV profile-plot attribute upgrade to bitflag adjusted only on initial startup, not after PV setup dialog

Fixed error when attempting to backup to a drive-root directory

Logfile buffers made local to be threadsafe

Added warning message when reset-runpointer matching Y value does not lie within segment table

Removed input-tracking events from end-of-run event-kill function

Stop-run dialog now overrides "ending" status and forces run to stop


Fixed logic so periodic-kiln PV alarms are correctly gated by kiln run status (ie, are disabled when kiln is not running)

alarms on periodic-kiln PVs can now be selected to be active always or only during a run

override values are now saved when the override dialog finishes, and so will be available for

re-use the next time the program starts

get-time/date dialog is now fixed as topmost

Added group timing and runstatus info to netdata status file


run status modifications saved to file correctly

override and alarm status are now shown by special (pink, orange) PV panel backgrounds

Fixed: when event override status is changed by eventswitch, the panel for the associated event is now also updated immediately

Windows system hotkeys (alt+tab, alt+esc, ctrl+esc, ctrl+shft+esc) are now disabled


Fixed error message when Excel fails to load

Fixed client files access error in path string


periodic kiln event on/off times can now be linked to a segment table, so that the event times will automatically track subsequent modifications to segment times within the segment table

periodic firing curve edit dialog now shows programmed status for all events, tracking cursor on segment table plot

Fixed runclock display for negative time values (omitted leading minus sign)

Fixed error with periodic run-status markers

Added Soak Status report, showing current time-in-soak for all periodic kilns

Added "edits not saved" warning on exit from firingcurve edit dialog


Fixed roller-hearth operations (group and pv setup dialogs, car tracking)

Fixed hangup when trendplots were panned to regions with no data

Added data method for Ircon 1100 pyrometer (1900°C range only)

Fixed pv profile-plot selection error (confusion between profile plot list order and bitflag value)

expanded verbose-mode diagnostic trace output for thermocouple linearizations

Fixed error in cold-junction compensation calculation when system-default temperature is Celsius


Added system-modal ramprate units (hours or minutes) for periodic-kiln segment table edit and  continuous-kiln firing curve select dialogs

Added periodic kiln soakwait-hours as quantity which can be alarmed, so that runs which exceed

a given amount of time waiting to achieve a soak can be stopped automatically

changed periodic start and stop dialogs to allow direct entry of temperature to match, from which

the runtime is calculated (previously the match temperature was calculated from the runtime)

Added a flag to enable or disable overrides for each data group (kiln)

Fixed kill-events actions when drumsequencer is stopped

Fixed drumseq. dialogs (missing autorepeat and killevents checkboxes)

Added flash-related loop-output settings to PV details tab

Fixed push-flash timer (restored link to manual and auto push starts)

Added/verified Omron E5AX driver (for legacy systems only – please do not buy any Omrons)

Fixed alarm-related event outputs (final setting for each event is unique and harmonizes all alarm actions, resolving conflicts)

Fixed event checking to include events with overrides, and ensure the override status is correctly forced, within a 1-2 second latency

Added clear-overrides checkbox to Reset portion of stop-hold-reset dialog


Changed .csv preload imports to allow empty recipefile and weight fields

Fixed setpoint-overrides conflict with Multpro

Added option on screen-edit context menu to re-order (shift left, right) display group tabs

Added direct main-menu link to Excel; requires new.xls template file in c:\kt2000 directory

Continuous-kiln PVs can now belong to multiple plot profiles

Added event subtype for periodic kilns to force all pulsed burners on, to allow switching between modulated and pulsed combustion modes

Fixed data entry problem with periodic kiln negative segment ramprate values

Fixed overrides for virtual events


changed soak guarantee compliance test to low-deviation (was abs. value); also, minimum soak guarantee is now 1 degree (0 formerly allowed)

Fixed soak out-of-tolerance delay time cumulation

Soak guarantee available only for the first segment table

Added tunnel kiln contents report dialog, with printout

Added printout option to car database dialog

Fixed pushstart detection (missed digital inputs read from bitfields)


Added pulser-output enable flag to each group, so pulsers can be selectively disabled

Added coolmode as an event subtype

Added coolmode_maxout% to group setup dialog

Changed thread-action sorting from output-priority to rotating next-action flags, to ensure levelling of activity between servicing pulsers and outputs and reading regular PVs

Fixed StopRun dialog error (hold time exceeds length of run)

Fixed killevents action at end of periodic run

Added logfile notification for manual PV override status changes

Fixed setpoint multiple-overrides

Added clear-all-overrides checkbox option to periodic stop-run dialog

Periodic setpoint-edit dialog completely rewritten, with clearer, better logic and options

Added live reporting of the extents of zoomed subregions for data plots

Changed logfiles main-menu option to provide general access to all *.log files

Fixed PV setup dialog for events, so that the virtual attribute can be toggled without losing the current physical-device settings

Added choice of AND or IOR logic for event multi-PV tracking

Alarms which end periodic runs now invoke end-of-run actions as specified in the firing curve (kill events, outputs, overrides)

Added "No data found" error message for plots with empty datasets

Changed periodic runplots to show actual setpoint as well as file f.c., so that plots will correctly reflect holds & restarts

Changed live periodic runplots to show firing curve from file only for future portion of run, from now-bar onwards, and actual setpoints for the historical portion of the run profile and trendplot windows are now modal (only one shown at a time)

Added "No data found" error message for plots with empty datasets

Changed periodic runplots to show actual setpoint as well as file f.c., so that plots will correctly reflect holds & restarts

Changed live periodic runplots to show firing curve from file only for future portion of run, from now-bar onwards

Fixed automatic-backup instance pileup on network error

Fixed panel-plot redraw conflict with zoomed foreground plots; profile and trend plot windows are now modal (only one shown at a time)

Keyboard hooks disabled for windowed netclient instances (enterkey not blocked)

Fixed alarm-ends-periodic-run to ensure alarm output is achieved

Fixed stop-run dialog to implement final segment-table setpoints if provided

Added option to enable/disable periodic kiln run resets


(not released)


Added pulser-output enable flag to each group, so pulsers can be selectively disabled

disabled add-info feature for live periodic run plots, where the run info is not necessarily

present but must be reloaded from the database

Added automatic verbose mode and file output to initial single-port trace

Added coolmode as an event subtype

Added coolmode_maxout% to group setup dialog

changed thread-action sorting from output-priority to rotating next-action flags, to ensure levelling of activity between pulsers, outputs and reads

Fixed StopRun dialog error (hold time exceeds length of run)

Fixed killevents action at end of periodic run

Added logfile notification for manual PV override status changes

Fixed setpoint multiple-overrides (invalid segtable pointer)

Added clear-all-overrides checkbox option to periodic stop-run dialog

periodic setpoint-edit dialog completely rewritten, clearer, better options

changed periodic runplots to show actual setpoint rather than file f.c., so that

runplots will correctly reflect holds & restarts


Added import/export for individual segment tables

Added hold-run and start-sequence event types

changed pulsed-burner pv selections from comboboxes to pv-select

dialogs, pre-filtered by pv type, to make the pv's group evident

Fixed pulsed-burner select dialog (restored select button for adding pulsed burners to the screen display); also added color highlight for already-selected pulsers in screen-compose mode

Added controls to transform segment table values, F/C, C/F

Added support for ODC5 output modules (Opto22 and Dutec)

Fixed pv_visited flag to skip duplicate reads of values read in bulk

Fixed problem with event overrides where program would hang waiting for the pv's current activity to finish

Fixed multipv stats report for periodic runplots

Added all pulser information to pulsed-burner list dialog

Added printout option for pulsed burner list

Added self-set event attribute (tracks PVs only)

Added x-axis hours/days toggle for periodic runplots

Fixed timevalue data entry to allow leading colon for minutes-only

Added event trendplots to firing curve edit dialog, with hover selection

Fixed run hold/stop actions for periodic kiln alarms

Added killevents option to drumsequencer stop/reset dialog

Fixed periodic run start timer (run would start before startrun dialog)

Added action-in-progress flag to lock out re-selects while a PV/PB is being serviced (fixes hangups in pulsing systems)


Added support for voltage and current output modules

Added data method for AHT200 humidity sensors

plot-panels are now redrawn after pv-panel tooltips disappear

Fixed auto-backup function to close the tracewindow and save the last-backup-date flag in system file, to prevent unnecessary repeats once the automatic daily backup has been done

car preload data can now be imported from csv files; each line in the csv file contains the info for one car,with csv fields: carnumber, fc_filename, ware_weight, carinfo

pv i/o maps now show model type, and the i/o map can be printed

Fixed pv properties dialog (general tab controls were not read before selecting profile plot or clearing ref. pvs)

Added IOR event output logic, so that multiple events can share the same physical output device

Added repeat-cycle counter for periodic runs

Fixed minor autoscaling problem with negative-valued datasets


changed push-start pv selection from combobox to pv-select dialog

suppressed error messages from ComboBoxGetSelectedByData()

Added file-save call after PV-edit dialog

Added x_offset parameter for kiln geometry

Added spin controls to PV address fields

Added program version to logged error messages

Fixed linear-scaling for module inputs

Fixed alarm-edit dialog (did not read all items during intermediate edits)

Fixed pv-create dialog (new PVs not added to selection list)


Added network-file-writing marker (yellow screens in network icon)

Fixed cartracking for non-multipro databased cartracks

modified code for CVF6.6C compiler update

language resource DLL files now have version-specific names, eg "eng5024.dll"

system backup now includes all dll files in .bin directory

refpv selection uses select-PV dialog instead of combo box

Added support for opto22 AD16T input module (0-5 Amps)

Added in-use channel counts to mfr list in iomap dialog

Added "AC Amps" PV type, with 'A' as units display

(re)visited issue of output override value having priority for pulsed burner outputs, made sure this will happen

moved GroupFileIO to its own thread

Added input smoothing option for measured data

Fixed memory leak in file_exists() function (added FindClose())

Added path checking prior to opening files, to eliminate hangups when network paths are not available

Fixed API_Error circularity hangup (no log reports for file system errors)

Fixed SysDef dialog to correctly reflect mirroring selection


Fixed event output for Opto modules (was inadvertently disabled when Allen-Bradley driver was added)

expanded verbose trace PV attributes info

Added Dutec ioplexer support (allow 19200 baud for Dutec)

Added trendplot data smoothing

Added reference link for Allen-Bradley loop components so that setpoint and output PVs can link to the loop PV; this fixes the same_box() function and allows setpoints to be uploaded

Added security password check to startup early-exit dialog, to prevent unauthorized desktop access


Fixed problem with background-image filenames which prevented loading

Fixed math error with stats calculation on empty dataset (sqrt domain)

Added multipv statistics report (from trendplot values list)


rewrite of network client mode, with commandline argument flag and host selection menu and install procedure for client

Added IO resource map, showing PVs sorted by mfr/port/addresses

Added (sum of 2 PVs) as new PV type

Fixed negative-value conversion (16 vs 32 integer bitwidth) for Yokos

Fixed F/C temperature mode conversion; data and firing curve temps are always F in files, F or C in memory to match current mode

reworked alarm, timer and event setup dialogs to select PVs from main PVlist dialog

alarm and event thresholds for digital PVs now automatically set to 0.5

Added tristate switch for direct event output overrides via mouse click


trendplot panning is now continuous, no longer constrained to the data interval endpoints which were established with initial plot view

distance units are now actively remapped between feet and meters if the distance unit type is changed in system setup

Added drum sequencer, as new group type

Added version id to main status bar

additional work completing Allen-Bradley driver

rewrite of code for distributing bitmap contents to multiple digital channels

dedicated log file created for API error reports

all modes of trace diagnostic output can now be saved to files

pv & group names shown as titles for their respective property-sheet dialogs

more details added to Multipro trace diagnostic reports

BTU/SCF gas energy conversion factor now an adjustable constant

Fixed pv-conflicts checking for Allen-Bradley PVs

moved autobackup flag & path input to system/network properties tab

system/backup option is now independent of auto backup selections


Fixed Yoko UP25 upload buffer overflow (missing cmd delimiter)

Fixed Yoko UP25 read problems: changed cmd-response delay to 200 msec, added explicit (ios, END, ERR) traps on read statement

Added Allen-Bradley driver

Fixed PV displays to reflect nonperforming data sources; pv panels will gray out after 10 missed reads

improved colors for comm. trace of transmitted & received strings

Added timer-driven rewrites of plot coords @ cursor position, to compensate for possible remote-viewer failure to track fast screen updates

API_Error report now shows resource identifier associated with any unrealizeable Win32 API call

clear-events checkbox initial status in periodic kiln stop-run dialog now matches "clear events at end" setting in current firing curve


Fixed periodic kiln avg-temp extractor function

Added new periodic StartRun dialog, to allow an opportunity to match current temperature when starting

Added periodic kiln future-start capability

Added verbose flag for extended commtrace diagnostic reports

Added single-step diagnostic mode

Added 2nd banner line for expanded API_Error diagnostic messages


Fixed pv-conflicts problem with indirect PVs (eliminate from list)

amended can_scan to exclude PVs from scan-disabled groups

Added drivers for Yokogawa VR100 and VR200 recorders

PVs with active alarms are now denoted by orange top-bkg on full-size panels

Added output-format error traps to statistics report dialog

Fixed multipro push_gap flag (was not being set on push-starts)

pv-select dialog for trend plotting now highlights PVs being plotted

Added logfile notification when master-data-enable is changed

Added "i/o disabled" display in alarms status window


moved insert-car to a separate thread, since re-sorting of large carfiles was taking a long time and thus delaying the primary program thread

Added an enable/disable flag for API_error reporting

simplified push-start recognition logic

modified cardatabase dialog to show car counts in the monthlist, and to immediately display the month's carlist when a month is selected

pushes-per-car removed from multipro calculations, so fractional push correctly tracks progress of each car, not intermediate sub-pushes

PV datafile writes now correctly bridge from larger to smaller pv counts

new digital-latch method to correct problem with polled reads of multiple digital inputs failing to capture latched status

Added last pushtime and pushstart trigger status to pushstart panel displays

changed pushstart debounce time to 1 minute

runclocks reset immediately on pushstarts

removed "clear all panels" option from display context menu

removed "Add Info" option from trend plots (did not apply)


Added check and dialog for overlapped i/o resources

Added "end program" button to startup dialog

Fixed problem with rethread routine (file handle not closed at month start) which prevented subsequent load-car data entry


Fixed file i/o problem with resetting pointer to beginning of file, caused problems saving/deleting initial record in cartrack database

Fixed multipro cartrack plots (cartimes list pointer overrun)

select-pv list now highlights already-selected pvs

stopped automatic deletion of inactive profile plot panels from screen display

cartrack database now (re)sorts entire file by timestamp when cars are modified, added or deleted

cartrack plotting fixed so all plots have same x range

Added "Data" displaypanel type for direct function access


Fixed & verified multipro operations, including setpoint generation, diagnosti

firing-curve calculation for plots, etc.

Fixed inconsistency in profile-plot flag interpretation (listptr vs plot_id)

Added feature to specify which profile plot should be used for cartrack plots

re-worked setpoint uploads, made uniform for all modes & instances

Added specifiable reporting interval to values list dialog

Added feature to clear push-start pv in group setup

Added runclock context-menu option to signal push-start for continuous kilns

Fixed logic to abort plot ops when all data buffers are in use

Fixed firing curve printout error (bad logo pointer)

Added password security to save firing curves dialog

improved password detection code to eliminate rejection of valid entries

Added "Load" and "Stop" displaypanel types for direct function access

Added "Signal Push Start" option for manual triggering

status-poll interleave changed to a fixed-value parameter (not adjustable)

Fixed serial comm readwait error


buffer pv panel contents to prevent "flicker" from redraws of unchanged info

Fixed enterkey subclassing for firing curve edits (Win2K only)

Added treeview selection of profile plots; deleted previous mainmenu plots sub

eliminated port_available test, all ports now always presumed physically prese

revised event logic to include both timebase and multiple-input tracking

restructured system setup dialog into a tabbed properties page

Added firing-curve select button to loadcar dialog

Added multipv trendplot groups

Added max_inuse counter to limit interrogation loops to only active PVs

Added printout options for firing curve edit dialogs and trendplot values list

Added hookproc for mouseclicks, to make edit controls system-modal (W2K only)

Added endrun kill options to periodic firing curves

removed network_remote mode (commented out)

Fixed memory leak due to failure to deselect gdi resources before deleting

Added background-fill flag to stop blinking on profile plot panel redraws

changed display group management to force loading the background image from file as each tab is selected, rather than preserving image handles; this removes the time delay at program startup, and stops incorrect image displays

Fixed problem with inability to delete user from user-specification list

Fixed password-validation problem, also eliminated case-sensitivity in passwor

pulsed burner test changed to property page tab (was button-selected dialog)

changed threadgating events to manual-reset, fixed problems with hangups

changed BitBlt to DrawTransparentBmp for logo & security bitmaps, fixed background mismatch in Win98

Added Events & Setpoints report of current status

Added slideshow display mode


Fixed flash timing for automatic resumption of previous flashing

changed thread usage to create a persistant pool of threads which use events to signal data acquisition/completion, rather than creating a new thread for each data seek exercise

substitute _beginthreadex for CreateThread to fix the memory leak

removed multithread option (multithreading is now the default)

multicolumn listviews now have whole-row highlight when selected

automatically restore minimized child-process windows, so children cannot be orphaned into the nonexistent taskbar

Fixed kbd hook to disable enter key except for multiline editing (W2K only?)

new attributes of flowtotal and time descaling type for each PV

time descaling removed from statistics dialog

initial implementation of tunnel kiln Production Report with monthcal control


Fixed backup copy (use correct threadfunc); added data & log files

Added global block for taskbar/startbutton, "windows" keys and F4 key

selective block of enter key in dialogs

Added screen capture to BMP file, from alt+F11


selected background images are now copied into rootpath\bmp

Fixed plot printouts, portrait/landscape orientations now correctly realized

Added tooltips to PV and pulser windows, also kilncar windows on profile plots

panels can be resized only in editLayout mode

Fixed problem with display group image load error

Fixed memory leak (replaced DATE_AND_TIME with GetLocalTime)

Added status display of available physical memory

Fixed Get_Targets to load new targets for non-loopcontroller PVs

all display panels are now immediately updated following Get_Targets

Fixed ptr/abs reference confusion for referred_pv indices from pvdefs dialog

Added timebase descaling for statistics sum calculation

Fixed carfiles data repacking

Fixed preload car selection -- previously would not delete 1st preload car


Fixed load-setpoints function; added uploads trace diagnostic

Fixed problem with missing display group background images


really fixed carfile/kilncontent record logging

Cars are resaved to the database in timestamp-sorted order

Added car delete function

Added rethread function to synchronize kilncontent() and car data files

Fixed DTP controls in car database dialog (had error in make_systemtime)

Added password option for post-hoc database editing

Enabled add-info feature for continuous kiln profile plots

Fixed browse-for-folder function (worked for W9X but not W2K)

Added car preload function


Fixed carfile/kilncontent record logging

Added grid-snap function for drag/drop panel placement


relocated inferred-pv measurements from main thread loop to separate

inferred_pv function; added is_referenced atribute to all PVs


max_panels changed from 64 to 200

Panel derived-type has new ptype component, replaces base offsets for diff. ty

Display group file extension changed from "dgp" to "dg2"

Pulsed burner file extension changed from "pls" to "pbs"

Fixed delete-panel function; fixed same_box

Fixed tracepvonly (was not cleared when tracewindow destroyed)